“Grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ.”   Ephesians 4:15

          As we begin this section you will be learning what it means to lead people to have a heart to grow. So that you understand what we are referring to, let me define it in terms that you are already familiar with. Our church needs to lead folks to be disciples and not simply converts.

          To lead a person to Christ and then leave them to fend for themselves is like a woman having a baby and then abandoning the baby so that it has to take care of itself. We all know what will happen to the baby – that’s right it will die. If we leave young believers without any discipleship they too will not survive.

          Jesus did not call us to convert folks but to make disciples. A disciple is a student of his master. In the case of a Christian we are students or followers of Jesus. We need to teach new believers what that means.

          Wait a minute! Discipleship is not just for new believers. I don’t care how long you have been a believer, you must never stop growing. No matter how many years I have been studying the Word of God I still have a lot to learn and so do you.  In fact, you will never reach full growth until you die and awake in your glorified perfect body in Heaven.

          Lastly, as we approach the subject of leading folks to have a heart for growth you will see that I did not limit discipleship/growth to just what happens on Sunday nights at our church. Discipleship Training is an important time of organized discipleship but growth is not limited to just that time. You will see what I mean later.

Today’s Prayer

          Pray today that God will prepare your heart to become a true life learning disciple of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to forgive you for your lack of concern about being a disciple. Now ask Him to guide you in the next few days of study so that you can gain the most out of it.