“So they went out and preached that people should repent.”   Mark 6:12

          I was once asked the question; “what do you think is the best way to present the gospel?” I have pondered that question over and over in my mind over the years that I have been in the ministry. The reason is because I want to make sure that I get as many church members involved with sharing the gospel as possible. My answer then to the question can either include folks or exclude them.

          In my earlier years I was a good pastor leading folks through LifeWay and convention materials; after all if you don’t use the programs you’re not Baptist! While I have seen a lot of different methods of sharing, I have to be honest and say that I have seen God use all of those methods to win the lost.  I realize that programs are all well and good but they are not necessarily of great necessity in sharing the gospel. After all; the 1st century church didn’t have LifeWay.

          So what method should we use to share the gospel? Here’s my answer, as long as you are sharing the true gospel the method is not as important. I am not talking about disorganization in our presentation but we don’t have to use any particular program to win the lost to Christ. As long as our presentation covers the essentials of the gospel we are doing biblical evangelism. So what are the essentials? Glad you asked! But before I can give them to you I must cover one quick principle. You must make sure that whatever method you use, the Scripture is primary. The power of the gospel is the Word of God (read Hebrews 4:12). Now let’s talk about the essentials of a gospel presentation.

          1.  You must be truthful about what the bible has to say about sin. We cannot avoid the issues of judgment or of sin’s death sting. One of the problems with today’s gospel presentations is taking the issue of sin too lightly. We must help folks realize why they need the gospel in the first place.  They must know that God will not accept them in their sinful condition. To learn more about sin refer back to day 5.

          2.  You must be truthful about the need to repent. Repentance is not a popular word in our day but is necessary for salvation. Our method must call for repentance as did John the Baptist and Jesus’ message. Repentance is the step by which the person agrees with God about their sinful condition and their need for His Son.

          3.  You must be truthful about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. We must help the person realize that it was because of their sin that Jesus died on the cross. We must make it clear that He was sinless but chose to bear our sin on the cross as a payment for our sin. Teach them that He was buried and that He rose from the dead on the third day.

          4.  You must be truthful that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Again we are living in a world of plurality and Jesus is only seen as one way and not THE WAY. We must make it clear in our presentation that Jesus is the only way and nothing else will satisfy God’s wrath but the sacrifice of His Son.

          5.  You must call on them to make a decision about Jesus. No one can remain neutral. You either accept or reject Him.

          So what method should you use? Use any method you wish as long as it is biblical! You can read a track, memorize an outline or mark your bible, it doesn’t matter. But one thing is certain, no one will get saved if we don’t get out there and share!

For Further Study

1.      What does Paul teach us in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 about the gospel?

2.    Have you ever attended any training sessions to learn how to share the gospel?

3.    Are you willing to get involved in sharing the gospel?

Today’s Prayer

          Father God, I come before you in the Name of Jesus my Lord and Savior and I thank You for saving me. I am thankful that You sent someone to share the Gospel with me. I ask that You use me to take the gospel to someone else. Lord, I want to be obedient to the Great Commission. Help me learn how to share Your Son with others. Amen.